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We Have Always Liked Gold Investing


Moving some of your investment money into could be a really good thing. Think about it. Have you ever heard of gold going down in price significantly? I mean, stocks used in retirement plans can and have dropped so low in price that people have had their retirement accounts pretty much wiped out. Even when gold goes down, it creeps back up again. Compare the price of gold today back to when you were a child. Notice anything?

Of course it is good to buy gold when it at a low point. Then you hang onto it until you are ready to retire. With gold, you don’t just retire and sell off your gold. You plan for it. You may need to sell when it is at a really high peak within a year or so of retiring. It might be before you officially retire from your job or afterwards. Of course, the savvy investor knows that the day of retirement is not the day money making really ends. You can hang onto your gold earning profits off it it like you will your other investments.

I am planning on selling at the next peak. My wife and I want to buy a few things in our retirement to start enjoying now. We had gold prices go a little lower in April, so what we did was buy more gold. The next peak is right around the corner. We will sell then and buy the luxuries we want. Our other investments pay us in monthly dividends and other payouts. It is funny actually. I had one paycheck and my wife had one while we were working. Now we have our pension check, Social Security and retirement investment dividends and other payouts so that we each are cashing four checks a month. I’m not complaining though because we are doing very well.

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