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Tracking Data in the Fitness Sector


People are all about getting fit there days, sometimes more than others. They like to get really fit for the summer so they can show off their bodies on the beach, and they like to get fit at the beginning of the year when they make their New Year’s resolutions, even if they don’t always stick to them. Data value is important at the company where I work, which runs a series of gyms in many cities. We have to look at data every year to come up with ways to get more people to come to our gym.

We hire a data consultant company to help up come up with the relevant data and to make the decisions about what actions will work best to get more customers. Over the years, we’ve done various things, like offer cheap memberships for one month, given discounts for referrals, and have even held a giveaway for a free year of memberships. All of these ideas have done pretty well for us in the past, but we can always make more money. The data from the consultant company showed us that in the past year, a lot of people were gravitating towards the exercise bikes.

The bikes have become popular because of one company that makes them with a special tablet built in. This tablet gives instructions with the help of videos so the cyclists can know when to pedal faster or slow down. We decided that it would be a good idea to get some of these bikes in our gyms, and they would allow people to ride in unison or separately to meet their workout goals. We expect to have all of the gyms fitted with these bikes by the end of the year, and then when the new year rolls around, we’ll be able to measure their use.

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