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The Trek of the Beginner Investor


I had some trouble figuring out the best AIM stocks for a beginning investor, but I learned how to read the market, and things changed. I started investing when I was looking through the television channels one day and saw the stock market channel. I didn’t understand any of the information that was being presented on the screen, but my curiosity made me want to keep watching. I decided that I would learn how to invest in the market and make a lot of money. Of course, saying something and doing something are two different things, and one isn’t as easy as it may seem.

I only had a little bit of money to put into investing, so I wanted to buy a small amount of shares to test the market. First I started with a new company that had been only around for a couple of years. This company didn’t give me much of anything with my shares. I gained a little and lost a little not long after, until I had the same amount I put back in. This company had a stable presence in the market, but I couldn’t really get any profit from them. I then tried again with some copper stocks, and the results were different.

The copper stocks gave me a larger profit than the company that I previously invested in. My only reasoning at the time for this was that copper is used in lots of items, which means that many companies will be buying it from the ones that mine it, making it possible to get a lot when investing in copper stocks. I’m sure some market analyst has a better explanation, but all I needed to know was that copper stocks were good AIM stocks, and I needed to get more of them.

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