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I Have Been Here for About a Week


I have been staying at a 12 story building called Sloane Residences while I am here. The place belongs to the girlfriend of my boss and I would guess that he is going to hand the company a padded bill for my stay. Of course this is going to take about three weeks at a minimum and most likely it shall be twice that long. It is a real change to be here straight out of Los Angeles, where I was spending around a hour and twenty minutes each day in my car. I knew at once that a car is close to useless in this place. If you did not know it, then Singapore is pretty much a small island with millions of people crammed on it. There is not any spare land for them, so instead they pack the place with tall buildings and stack all of the people on top of each other. At any rate if you had a car you would spend all of your time either sitting in traffic or looking for a place to park the thing.

I get up around half past six each morning, shower and get ready for work before I walk about half of a mile to the station, something they call the Newton Line I think. Along the way I stop and get a cup of coffee and a pastry from this place on the corner. It usually takes a little bit to do that, but at any rate it takes me a good deal of time to get to work. I got lost the first day I made the commute and ended up being about forty minutes late to work. That was not so terrible, somehow I managed to meet a really nice girl and I seem to have a date with her.

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