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Got Banged Up in a Crash


I was not driving at the time, which was a good thing since I am pretty sure my insurance company would have been just as much a pain to me as John’s was to him. We had decided to take a ski trip up into the mountains, of course they have been getting a ton of snow up there. We were pretty sure that we could make it fine and we did get there, had a great time as well. On the way home this guy hit us, I ended up at a Sacramento chiropractic clinic after I went to see a couple of doctors. Of course we were really lucky, because we were on a fairly steep part of the highway and this drunken idiot nearly drove us straight through the guard rails. It turned out that he was running away from a local police office when he hit us, and he was probably going about ninety five miles per hour on an unsafe road. So it was good for us that he did not quite hit us square.

It was pretty scary, but no one else was really hurt. I just happened to be sitting right behind the driver’s seat and that was where he hit us. I am glad that none of the glass hit me in the eyes, because I got a lot of cuts. I suppose I must have turned my head in time. At any rate I was thrown around and the seat belt really cut into me, especially in the shoulder area. The doctors told me that I was lucky it had not been dislocated, but my back got twisted really good and there was not very much that they could do about that. So they sent me to see this chiropractor they knew.

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