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Going to Drive to School Next Week


Don't get stung by 'cheap' car insurance quotesI do not think that this old pick up truck is going to impress many girls, but I do have a vehicle that I can drive to school next week. That is if you assume that I can keep gas in it that long. I bought it for almost nothing about half a year ago. At that point it did not run and getting it to run seemed like a distant possibility for a long time. The lady just wanted it off her property. I found the best car insurance quotes online and figured out my budget as best that I could, so that I could get the thing on the road and keep it there. Of course I just barely have enough money and I am lucky that both of my grandfathers have a lot of work that I can do for them.

My Papa Ed has a little farm and I am like his foreman. I know how to do all of the thousands of things that need to be done.

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