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A Shopping Trip to the Mall


I went to the mall the other day to do a little shopping. I went with some ideas on what I wanted to buy and check some things out. I even took some coupons along! One I wanted to make sure to use was the one I had for bed bath and beyond coupon zone that I had for $5 off if I buy over $25. I wanted to get myself some new pillows for my bed.

So I went out to the mall and did some window shopping for some clothes and seeing what look good. Nothing was that great looking though. Being a guy they really don’t put a lot of men’s clothes up for display. I did go inside a fancy suit place and checked out a nice white suit I been wanting to buy for a long time. I asked how much it was and thought it was too expensive. I will wait a while until I decide I really wanted it.

I went inside a game store to check out the new systems they are claiming that will come out soon. They seem okay but didn’t seem so impressive. Maybe I am getting to old for video games. I only check out the new games and bought one new one but who knows if I will actually play it.

I finally finished my shopping by going to Bed Bath and Beyond and getting those new pillows I sorely needed. Thank goodness I had that coupon! It really made my day and I was so happy I got those pillows! I bought 4 just to make sure I had enough rest for my neck. If you never had tried a coupon you should! It really makes things much cheaper and much better.

I think from now on I will try to find more coupons and try to get that white suit for a lot less…

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