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A Great Carpenter Built My New Kitchen


I liked everything about my house except for the kitchen. Since I spend so much of my time there, that was not really a good thing for me. I just did not have enough cupboard space, and I had wished for years that I could convert the very tiny dining room into a big pantry. It was so small that I just did not use it for anything because it would barely fit a table and four chairs. When my husband told me to look for a carpenter in Bristol that does kitchen remodels, I could have cried.

I knew that it was going to cost us some money because of everything I wanted done. I had resisted doing anything small because I did not want to settle for anything. I just continued to budget as best as I could, and then my husband came home with a nice bonus check that was going to make getting the kitchen of my dreams possible. The builder we hired was instrumental in helping me design what I wanted too. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, but he had some pretty great ideas of his own that I really liked.

I ended up getting my large pantry. That is what I am happiest about. He built me custom shelves in there, and I have room for so much more now. I am finally able to keep a surplus of items that I like to use for baking and cooking because I now have the room. He also custom built me the cupboards that I never knew I wanted. The beveled glass in them is absolutely perfect, and it makes the kitchen look so much better. I also have a new island in the middle, which makes cooking so much easier too. I knew a new kitchen would make me happy, but I honestly did not know it would make me feel this great.

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