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A CCTV System for My Mum


When my father died, my mum tried staying on her own but it proved to be too difficult. She missed him terribly, and there were just some things that she was not able to do on her own with their house. I lived too far away, and she suggested that she move closer to me. I knew she wanted to be with her grandchildren too, that they would help her with her grief. There was a small bungalow just down the road, which she bought. I looked at CCTV systems even before she moved in, because I wanted it to be ready for her from Day One.

The crime in our area is not bad, but I knew that she would feel a lot more secure having a camera system in place should something happen. Even if she only used it to monitor who is at her front door, it is well worth the cost. I had purchased a CCTV kit for myself too, so I went to the same website where I had gotten mine. I was happy with everything from their selection to the ease of installing the system that I purchased, so I knew that it was the right company to use to get her own system.

I have a four camera system because I have a large yard and wanted to be able to monitor everywhere possible. I have it set up to monitor doors as well as my yard. My mum did not need anything too elaborate, so I just got her a two camera system. There is a camera at each door, and she feels much safer having it in the house. I am so glad she moved so close to us, and I can tell that it is really doing her a lot good to be around all of us.

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