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Dating Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult


I have a lot of friends that are not married, and they always say that it is hard to date when you are forty. I did not agree with that, but I am married so I had a few of my friends go on to south asian desi girls to see if they could find people that they may be interested in and want to date. What do people who are single have to worry about, I thought, then I heard some of my friend’s stories and I knew that it was very lucky to not have to deal with other people. I knew that when they got on the website that they were going to find people that they liked, and I was right. One of my girlfriends had a date before she left my house, and I was really happy for her because she has been so sad about not being able to go out and meet people due to her job.

There is no reason to be scared to meet people online today, when there are so many people that are meeting in public places. When I was younger, twenty years ago and met my husband, dating online was a huge problem. People were always so worried that the other person was going to be someone that was dangerous. Today, people meet in a public place or even meet up at the Police Station parking lot to be sure that they are meeting who they see a picture of on the internet. People also use their phones and media apps to be able to see the other person before they meet up. We did not have anything like that when I was meeting people online, and I ended up meeting I ended up being married to for many years.

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